An online questionnaire regarding contact with Professional Medical Representative  from Microlabs and perceptions of this contact was sent to 6,675 doctors, more than 4354 of whom completed the survey. Physicians who were asked about the scientific data, brand recollect, reputation, drug efficacy & patient satisfaction level voted for Microlab’s Dolo range. The survey was carried out in the month of September 15- 25th 2018. The prescribing behaviour of doctors is influenced by the pharmaceutical industry. This study investigated the extent to which contacts with pharmaceutical sales representatives (PSR) and the perception of these contacts influence prescribing habits. The physician’s prescription pattern has become one of the essential and important aspect of healthcare industry. There are several factors which directly and indirectly affecting the physician’s prescription pattern like; Clinical and behavioral characteristics of the patient, research and the pressures from drug firms, High curing effect; habitual or non-habitual choice, behavior pattern of patients, Peers influence of physicians (community of physicians), Education and advertising and High Cost of Drugs. Some of minor factors like purchasing power of patients, availability of drugs at local market are also considerable. Previous studies have shown that factors such as gender, age, educational status, specialty, work experience, and economic stimulation influenced their prescribing pattern. However, there were limitations in existing studies: all of the existing studies were single factor analyses, which may have ignored the confounding effects on doctors’ prescription patterns.

Detailed Report

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The Objective of this research is to analyse the market trends of the Brand leader in the paracetamol segments with the major Brands operating in the market. This study gives a comprehensive insight into the branded formulation market share. The analysis covers Paracetamol market size, current trends, drivers, challenges, opportunities, as well as key Paracetamol market segments. It is based on historical data and current Paracetamol market needs. Also entails different Paracetamol business approaches adopted by the decision makers that strengthens Paracetamol growth and make a superior stand in the industry. The Paracetamol market is expected to grow with a significant CAGR during 2018 to 2022. The report isolates the entire Paracetamol market on the basis of key players, regions, applications, and types. To begin with, it figures out major Paracetamol industry frameworks, rules, regulations, and policies. Then presents an estimation of Paracetamol market share, market dynamics, and leading players. Later, it lists out new Paracetamol propositions to improve business values. In addition, it discovers the Paracetamol market status, current/future projects, consumption and growth rate. It also looks for world Paracetamol market chain analysis, cost and price of raw material. Moreover, it reveals Paracetamol downstream/upstream analysis, and import/export details. This report is prepared by Network 7 research.

Top Brands studied in the research paper dominating the fiercely competitive domestic market are.

  1. Dolo-650 Tab 15s Micro Labs
  2. Dolopar 650mg Tablet  Micro Labs
  3. Calpol 650mg Tab Glaxosmithkline
  4. Crocin 650mg Tab Glaxosmithkline      
  5. Febrinil 650mg Tablet 10s Svizera Healthcare                
  6. Fepanil-650mg Tab Citadel & Aurobindo Biotech                          
  7. Lanol ER 650 Cap Lyka                               
  8. Doliza-ER 650mg Tab Ranbaxy                              
  9. Algina 650mg Tablet 10s Geno Pharma                              
  10. Pacimol 650mg Tab Ipca Labs


Based on an in-depth study & research data carried out by Network 7 Research, an independent international research firm demonstrated that Dolo has the maximum penetration in the market emerging as a top physicians brand with great recollect value. Out of 10 prescriptions from the medical doctors, 4 prescriptions has Dolo in the paracetamol segment.

The Data was carried out on a pan india basis with one to one interview with physicians, online random sampling & email campaigns.

About Microlabs Limited.


Micro Labs Limited is a multi-faceted healthcare organization with a proficient marketing team, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and R&D centres that are at par with international standards. All this, robustly backed by a strong distribution network and path-breaking research work has placed us amongst India’s fast growing transnational healthcare organizations.

Ranking 14th among prescriptions (as per SMSRC May 16′ )and 19th in sales (as per AWACS MAT May’16) , Micro’s brand portfolio includes some of the topmost brands in various specialties like Cardiology, Diabetology, Anti-infectives, Ophthalmology, Pain, etc. Amidst our proud achievers is Dolo, an award-winning brand highly prescribed for fever management.

The company is also at the forefront in social contribution, striving to be a model corporate citizen in terms of Environmental Protection & Social Initiatives with significant contributions in the areas of education and health. Micro Labs is poised to achieve unparalleled status in the global pharmaceutical industry. Backed by a profound and resolute vision, we now have our eyes set on attaining the $1 billion mark by 2020.

Network 7 Research is India’s most credible research driven public opinionated Research wing of network 7 Media Group engaged in the activities of reflecting the moods of the citizens, consumers & trends. It focusses the opinions of the change agents of the society. It attempts to reflect the research, polls, opinions & views in an unbiased & independent way using the internal research mechnism.

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