Network 7 Research conducts market research and exit polling, providing strategic information for businesses and media organizations worldwide.

Network 7 Research is India’s most credible research driven public opinionated Research wing of network 7 Media Group engaged in the activities of reflecting the moods of the citizens, consumers & trends. It focusses the opinions of the change agents of the society. It attempts to reflect the research, polls, opinions & views in an unbiased & independent way using the internal research mechanism.

We are the leading provider of consumer polling, having conducted face-to-face research in almost every imaginable venue. Our network of more than 16,000 experienced interviewers allows us to conduct research in almost any location.With an expertise in both quantitative and qualitative research, we work with many established corporations looking to keep their edge or expand, as well as young companies just starting to develop their businesses. We offer expertise in telephone, Internet and in-person research as well as focus groups and dial testing.We have been the sole provider of exit poll information to the six major news organizations since 2003, conducting exit polls and collecting precinct vote returns to project and analyze results.

Network 7 Media Group is the flagship media of SB Brand Network & is a new age digital media company based in India. In an era where world’s biggest personalities & brands are heavily focused on building the image through digital media world, Network 7 Media Group is an attempt by a group of passionate & crazy professionals. Since its inception, the initiatives of Network 7 Media Group has always been out of the blues, unconventional & path-breaking. We believe that unless we are charged & not given a electric shock in our mission to achieve something new, we don’t feel like taking up the assignments as we believe that uniqueness in the product & original in its concept are the twin mantras that drive us, while we may be mocked & often criticized by  others of being ‘risky & unthinkable’, only to prove them wrong once we finish the assignment in style & perfection with success. We are often levelled by our critics of being ‘unimaginable mindset’ & ‘unconventional player’. We take these criticism as compliments & feel proud to break the laws to create a new innovation & ideas that are trendsetting. We attempt to create a new mindset of thought process. We convert ideas into actions, challenges into opportunities & dreams to realities. Network 7 Media Group has given birth to some of the excellent media properties in the form of a news media & are widely acclaimed for its independent & unbiased journalism. We have been in the limelight for bringing a change in approach, attitude & a new way of looking. We dont follow a fixed set of rules, regulations, rather we innovate our thinking to experiment with the truth often neglected by the established players. We are fearless, strong & independent.


Primary and Secondary Research:

We undertake quantitative and qualitative studies.We implement in-depth surveys, telephonic interviews, and conduct monitoring and evaluation studies through intensive interviews, case studies, direct observations and focus – group discussions. Secondary research methodology largely underlies our policy evaluation studies. Our works spans the social impact sector; with key focus emerging as health, education, and water & sanitation

  1. Implementation

Background research and research strategy:

The team conducts extensive background research and seeks necessary sectoral guidance from experts. The internal execution strategy is worked upon and the overall strategy is shared with the client.

Survey Tool Design:

We design our tools after thorough background research while factoring in budget, time constraints, respondent behaviour and methods used for administering the survey, with the goal of engaging the respondent to develop quality insights. Opinion of field supervisors is sought to ensure the applicability and reliability of the tool.

Field Planning and Training:

A detailed time line and execution plan is prepared for the field, which is strictly adhered to. The data set is always obtained and prepared from reliable and recommended sources. Outline India is often credited for their timeliness and quality control measure. The internal team conducts intensive training and mock sessions and survey tools are revised based on pilot results. For qualitative studies this measure ensures that the cultural mores present in linguistic and symbolic communications are not lost in translation. During the training process field workers are specifically encouraged and trained to take additional notes which are then incorporated into the intensive analysis.

Primary data collection and field work:

We recruit field workers who have a linguistic and cultural familiarity and relevant experience in the sector. Based on the project needs and the sensitivity we arrive at an optimal team mix. We take special care when recruiting for sensitive studies focusing on sensitive themes and/or subjects. Daily end of the day meetings are held in the field to address issues that may have arisen during the fieldwork.The data collection team plays an important role in the translation of tools and the translation of data due to their close engagement with the field. The internal research team sits with the field team before and during the analysis to get better insights given their direct and extensive engagement with the field.


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