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Thanks to our experience and extensive background we offer a large portfolio of research capacities at the highest professional level. We conscientiously maintain research standards and cooperate in their creation. We understand research, we enjoy it and we will be delighted to help you with it.

We adapt our research to your needs, ensuring that the conclusions are clear and bring you the most useful answers possible. We assist with the choice of  target groups and methods of data collection and either help you with the wording of the questions or create the entire questionnaire for you, seeking the highest value data in the most cost effective framework

Social Media Marketing

Social media itself is a catch-all term for sites that may provide radically different social actions. For instance, Twitter is a social site designed to let people share short messages or “updates” with others. Facebook, in contrast is a full-blown social networking site that allows for sharing updates, photos, joining events and a variety of other activities.

Why would a search marketer — or a site about search engines — care about social media? The two are very closely related.

Social media often feeds into the discovery of new content such as news stories, and “discovery” is a search activity. Social media can also help build links that in turn support into SEOefforts. Many people also perform searches at social media sites to find social media content. Social connections may also impact the relevancy of some search results, either within a social media network or at a ‘mainstream’ search engine.

Online Marketing

Internet marketing, or online marketing, refers to advertising and marketing efforts that use the Web and email to drive direct sales via electronic commerce, in addition to sales leads from Web sites or emails. Internet marketing and online advertising efforts are typically used in conjunction with traditional types of advertising like radio, television, newspapers and magazines.

Internet marketing can also be broken down into more specialized areas such as Web marketing, email marketing and social media marketing:

1) Web marketing includes e-commerce Web sites, affiliate marketing Web sites, promotional or informative Web sites, online advertising on search engines, and organic search engine results via search engine optimization (SEO).

2) Email marketing involves both advertising and promotional marketing efforts via e-mail messages to current and prospective customers.

3) Social media marketing involves both advertising and marketing (including viral marketing) efforts via social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Digg.

Social Media Monitoring

More and more companies and brands are reaching out on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to build relationships with current and potential customers. Determining whether or not your efforts are truly changing consumers’ hearts and minds requires a marriage of server-based AND survey research.

Network 7 is a recognized thought leader in social media research, and we have been tracking general consumer adoption of social media for several years. We combine online and offline research methods to provide a true 360-degree view effectiveness of your social media campaigns.

Read our recent study on Twitter or see our look at frequent social networkers for examples of how we gain insight into online behavior that translates into offline actions.

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