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We can provide your network, brand or company with reliable, accurate and credible data to gauge the performance of your out-of-home media efforts.

Explore our out-of-home research service below. We’re confident that you’ll like what you see. And when you have pressing questions of your own, just ask us.

Frequently asked questions

How do I determine advertising effectiveness?
Network 7 interviewers conduct in-person intercepts in any location where people are exposed to advertising. Connecting with people before and after they are exposed to your advertising allows us to measure lift in brand awareness, attitudes toward a brand, and purchase intent.

How can I measure my audience?
Network 7 starts by selecting a representative sample of locations in your network of locations. Depending on your goals, Network 7 may use a combination of tally counts and exit polls over multiple days and dayparts to determine audience.

Interviewers record counts of people entering or exiting a particular venue or of people that pass within the “vehicle zone”. Note: A “vehicle zone” is the physical area in which a person is able to see and/or hear specific, place-based advertising.

Check out the work we’ve done with InStore Audio Network here.

What’s a good/valid sample size?
The sample size Network 7 recommends for your project will depend on your business and your goals.  While some situations may call for a survey that represents your entire network, others may be better handled with a smaller “snapshot” or case study.

Another factor in determining an appropriate sample size, is how the data needs to be analyzed.  If examining the “total” sample is sufficient, a smaller sample size may be needed than in a situation where particular demographic groups or geographies need to be evaluated.

What can I do to ensure in-person research goes smoothly in my network of locations?
Network 7 interviewers will often need permission to enter and conduct research at retail or other locations. Communication with your clients is important to the research process.

Loop Network 7 into the process and we will explain who we are and what our process is and make sure the project runs smoothly. Another good idea is discussing the idea of research early on with your clients or considering building research days it in to your agreement with each client.

Do you have interviewers in Anywhere, USA?
Since 2003 we have provided election projections and analysis for the news organizations that comprise the National Election Pool (NEP): ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox, NBC and the Associated Press. Read more about election polling here.

After over ten years of election polling and out-of-home research, our nationwide database of interviewers tops 17,000. So, whether your network of locations reaches big cities to rural towns, a trained Network 7 interviewer is nearby.

What can I expect of your interviewers?
Network 7 interviewers are trained on the specifics of each individual project they are assigned. Throughout the fielding period, they are monitored by and have contact with an Network 7 project manager. Upon arrival at each location, they are instructed to introduce themselves to the manager and provide any permission letter and/or contact letters from corporate.

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